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All programs include:

  • ​Safe and fun presentation

  • A opportunity to handle and/or feed the animals

  • Question & Answer Session

  • A protective floor covering, just in case the animals want to mark their territory



FOR OVER 20 YEARS WALTER MASSEY, THE CRITTERDUDE, HAS BEEN USING CHILDREN's NATURAL CURIOSITY TO enhance their understanding of NATURE, ANIMALS, and to build upon the knowledge learned in schools.

As an Outdoor Educator for Baltimore County Public Schools and his work as a wildlife rescuer for the Phoenix Wildlife Center, the Critterdude Programs were developed with the state's classroom curriculum requirements in mind, as well as meeting some of the MAEOE Green School Certification requirements. Additionally, our programs offer students an opportunity to synergize the learning taking place in the classroom with experiential learning provided by The Critterdude. 

Mr. Walt has entertained and educated thousands of students with his vast knowledge of animals and nature. He creates an atmosphere of fun, curiosity and humor for everyone in attendance. He will present a variety of animals, from reptiles and birds to amphibians and mammals, for your students. The Critterdude's programs focus on habitat, feeding habits and the predator/prey relationship and can be customized to fit most classroom curriculum. Each animal will be presented individually and time will be given for questions and the opportunity to handle the animals. 

Program Topics

Predator and Prey 
Study the interrelationships between predator and prey through close-up observation. Our outdoor encounters will reveal special wildlife survival adaptations.

Meadow Field Studies
Go on a nature hike with The Critterdude. We'll use sweep nets to catch and identify various insects, discussing diversity, variety, and habitats. 

Ponds & Streams Field Study
Learn about the varieties of aquatic insects, fish, and wildlife that inhabit our local ponds, streams, and bay watersheds. The students will learn about the different species indicators that can help to determine the health of the water. 
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